August 21, 2012

Once Upon A Time

So the inspiration for this post comes directly from those who I can imagine being around for my entire life. I am not saying that I wont meet new people, and envitably I will lose contact with those who I cannot imagine life without now. But that's part of the journey.
This is my Once Upon A time.

On one of the Coldest Days In June....

I was born in the women's hospital in Carlton, Victoria. 

I grew up, travelling all around the world with my family.

My closest Friend, My little brother....

My inspiration to keep going... My little sister

I've learnt to appreciate and treasure my wonderful, beautiful mother and trust and cherish the company of my goofy father. Together they have nurtured me into a mature young adult, and are always going to be my best friends.

I loved to sing from the moment I could make noises. Even if it made me nervous- It taught me to always take a chance on things that you love.

And through my many schooling experience... I have met the most amazing, unique people.

Fallen for the most unlikely, uncommitted guy. 

 And through all of this, I have come out for the better

..... SORT OF