March 01, 2013


It's been quite a day, 
quite a month, 
quite a year.

"2013 is my year" I say
Oh boy,
fuck that, eyy. 

I'll write a Uni paper 
He'll play his Playstation
It's not that I mind the playstation thing,
 he works hard.
But its me.

Sometimes I think "Damn, you're good at letting people have a good time" 
And I feel good.
But sometimes I think
"Who does that for me?"

I spend all this time trying to make you smile
Trying to make sure everyones happy
But no one sees.

Why is it,
that no one is around when I am sad?
To pull me back up
and take away the bad?

The scars sit there
faint and blurred.
They burn a bit 
when I remember why I wanted that hurt. 

So take your fist
your gun and knife
take it through. 
live your life.