June 05, 2012

Things To Describe Your Final year Of High school

Last night I was talking with my friend Anthea- we were lying on the floor of her room, exhausted by the pure thought of doing work. She started ranting loudly about how she would describe how this year has been for her.

"It's like hitting yourself in the head against a piece of wood"

"Sometimes during assessment I get the temptation to bang my head on the desk, because I'm pretty sure that  will wake me up"

"I think I'm working hard, and getting tired from it, but then I realize that I am just sitting there, staring at my homework like an idiot"

"Don't try to be perfect... Because you will fail"

"Stay away from your laptop and TV"

"VCE is a unnecessary pain caused by the sadists of the Government" 

'It's so hard, because even when you are having scheduled relax time, you are still stressing out about what you are supposed to be doing"

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