June 11, 2012

Gypsy and The Cat

This weekend I asked my brother what some good music to listen to when you want to chill out was. He recommended the Gypsy and the Cat...
I was a bit hesitant because of their name, but I think that they have really grown on me...
They Are a Melbourne Band, and are amazing! If you don't want to download them- at least YouTube them. And They are hot.... so take that as you may :)
Here are some of their lyrics
Gypsy and The Cat

Break Away- Gypsy and the Cat

Time to be alone
I, I had a change of view
And if I held the world
Would I ever gain
If I had a dream
Will I see the light

Yesterday I saw a lady needing help
The only look was someone
He was laughing on the way
Tonight I'll be
The one to lead the way
A troubled light will be a distant memory 

Gilgamesh- Gypsy and the Cat

Searching for an endless moment
You don't have to say I'm wrong 
As I float on through this windless orchard 
Shadows favour all the dark in sight
I feel the light, it cuts my face
I'm staring at the wall 
It won't be long til we embrace I'm knocking on your wall 

Lady take me to the magic wall
And maybe we'll drift on through the world

I miss you every that I'm breathing 
We couldn't even say goodbye 
I'm dreaming that your face is smiling 
It won't be too long til I meet you there
Where have you run to, I need to know
Where will I find you, I have to go

Sight Of A Tear- Gypsy and The Cat

Eyes wide shut in another world
Sleeping tight was a lonely boy
Shifting stars on the ceiling wall
There's a night light breathing there
Reaching out to the land of the lord from the dark in my room
Screaming out for the light of the soul to be gone from the world that I'm in

You were the nightlight
Searching for sunlight here
You were the nightlight
Born at the sight of a tear

At the sight of a tear

Toss and turn sheets are sliding down
Won't awake til the light is found
Conscious mind went to say goodbye
Now this dream is floating on
Just as I turn and hide from the man I am struck by a light from the moon
Guiding me like a knight shining back to my world filled with love scented wounds