May 13, 2012

Mid Term Break

I tend to keep the full extent of my personality to myself, but it really starts to shine through when I get excited for something. On Saturday I get to see my mum for the first time in three months and I can't wait, I know the break is only three days but I think that we are all feeling the need for a break here.
Today, I have decided to make a list of things that us girls in a boarding house do when we have spent too long here.

  • We eat excess amounts of carbs-I know its counter productive but it's the most common thing that we do just before mid-term break, or before term break. 
  • Stay Up watching old re-runs of our favorite TV Shows-The only problem with this is we then complain that we are exhausted and thus eat more carbs... and cry more.

  • We swear more and declare unreasonable things-For Example "Fuck Studying... I'm going to be a prostitute" or "Maybe the fucking Maccas chicks are on to something"

  • We exaggerate the great things that have previously happened last time we had a break-Problem with this is that it's often way out of proportioned and we are so excited that we sometimes forget that most of what we did was sleeping, or getting drunk. 

  • Clean our rooms-It's the one time of the term that our rooms are spic and span. I don't actually know why we do it, sometimes its procrastination but I think it's just a way of reminding us that we will be home, in our own beds in such a short time.

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