May 14, 2012

Disney Magic

Every time I get a bit homesick, or annoyed with how my day is going, or how it is progressing I warm up my room and put on a disney movie. I guess it really doesn't matter which one I put on, but my favorite ones are the older ones.


There is something so soothing about the story of a female warrior sacrificing herself for the love of her family. I find that it's the way she fights for everything, and does it with such enthusiam. It's kind of inspiring. Not only is the music catchy but it also has such a deep meaning, if I've had a particularyly  bad day Christina Aguleria singing "reflection" will almost always make me cry. 

Beauty and The Beast

It's a classic story of love and adversity and has the ability to take you to the edge of your seat (or your bed in my case). It's one of those movies that makes you have sympathy towards the most unpredictable of characters, such as the beast/prince. It's the best feel good movie, but I wouldnt recomend watching the sequeals.


I don't know what it is about this movie but every time I watch it I feel so privalleged to live in the day and age that I do, but I also feel movtivated to get back to nature, and give something back to nature. The obvious love plot takes you away to a place that can only be created by images and sounds. The soundtrack  is absolutely beautiful but again, probably not the best thing to watch in the middle of the day because it's likely to put you in a bad mood, depending on what kind of person you are, and what effects you.

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Something about Snow White makes me greatful for my family, but it's such a cool movie with an old-ish soundtrack that you can completely emerse yourself in the plot, which is surrounded by suspense. 

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