May 16, 2012

Sleep Deprivation

Right now I am living on about four hours of sleep for the last three days. I've just been so hectic with school that every time I try to go to sleep I stress myself because I am not studying. That's kind of why I've decided to make a list of all the things that people do when they haven't slept enough

Mood Swings- It doesnt matter what people do, or say, by the end of the day you will probably end up crying and wanting to punch a wall. And the people that I hate, which I must admit is only a few, take it as a joke when I have a go at them because I am normally pretty calm

Falling asleep...during the day- I have decided, from experience, that it causes worry to those around you if you fall asleep 
1) in the bathroom. 
2) In class. 
3) In assembly, 
4) in the kitchen...

You stop Giving a S**t... Which probably isn't a great thing. I have found that I am more likely to have intese arguments with my teachers, head of house and matron when I am sleep deprived. What is even more facinating is that they always end because I have said something that has confused them (and my self)

You write about how tired you are, instead of sleeping/studying... Which is what I am doing right now. I guess I just find it easier knowing that this will be over in less than five minutes, but if i go to sleep, I will most likely sleep all week.

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