May 15, 2012

Still Letting Mommy Pick My Clothes

Fashion Problems

This weekend I have a house dinner which is actually kind of important because it is the last one that i will ever have, and basically we are on show, and I want to look really great. But the thing is, I would prefer pajamies over a dress any day which makes my judgement of clothes completely irrelevant....
I'm just going to put these pictures of me in the two dresses up and see what I can get out of it, but any help would be appreicated....

This dress is the emerge charcol cube dress. I feel really comfortable in it, but I'm not sure if it's because it's baggy or because it imitates my pj's. I really like how it looks, but then again, I like the look of trackies so another oppinion would be appreciated!
Sandra Black

Isabella Brown Boots
This is the Grace Hill Ribbon Dress, and I feel slightly less comfortable in it because 1) it shows my arms, and 2) it's very revealing in the clevage department. But I can always wear a jacket or something on top, actually I'll have to because it's winter at the moment...

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