May 22, 2012

Reasons To Stay in Bed All Day In Year 12

1. Sickness

There is actually no point going to class if you aren't feeling well. You won't be able to concentrate and if you are anything like me you'll just put your head on the table and wonder what possessed you to try and come to class. There is something to be said about people who brave out the day, and go to class when they are feeling like shite. But on the other hand you can't afford to infect your classmates with your illness, especially in year 12. It's not ideal to miss class, but it's better to recuperate for a day, than risk ongoing illness, fatigue and contamination of the class room. 

2. You are considering Quitting school, because it's all too hard.

Firstly, it's not all too hard. It can be challenging at times, but bloody hell, life wouldn't be interesting if it wasn't. The best thing to do if you do end up feeling that way is taking a day off, sorting out your shirt, and doing work that is causing you to be stressed. I know this might not apply to some people. There is this one drop kick in my grade who, since year 10, has never cared if he passes or fails. Mike* turns up to class (sometimes), doesn't take notes, doesn't write anything on assessments, and plays his iphone in class despite the teachers telling him not to. I think it gets to a point in your schooling where you make the decision to try hard. I could deal with failing if I know that I have tried my best. But you will not fail if you try your best. It's impossible. 

3. You Have Work Due and Haven't started it.

People like that annoy me. At this stage you shouldn't be falling behind in your work. Only a minority work hard from the moment they start their education to the moment they finish it. I can understand the fear of punishment, but at this stage in the game, if you aren't fostering a standard of education then you deserve to be punished. I know it's harsh, but get over it, it's less than a year that demands so much of you. 

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