May 24, 2012

The Most Addictive TV Shows

Ok, so I have a confession to make. I've done no study tonight as I've been sitting in the bath watching my latest favorite TV Show- Game of Thrones.
Lately I've noticed that in challenging times, or times when relaxation is called for, people turn to TV shows. I think it's because we don't have to be apart of our own hectic lives for that forty five minutes, or if you're in the same position as me, three hours. I've discovered that it's totally normal, and actually pretty healthy to take yourself mentally away from your every day life, for just a little while, and enjoy the solitude. No Guilt should be felt, and of course, I will end up staying up past two in the morning, finishing my math portfolio. No regrets because there is so much time to make up for lost study time.

Most Addictive TV Shows

New Girl

The sassy, quirky characters keep you craving more, and in some way conveys to the viewer that they are not alone, no matter how crazy they are. Staring Zooey Deshchanel the show emphasizes the uniqueness of every person and endorses the freedom of personality that all the characters display, despite judgement. Definatly a feel good show, a comedy but deals with some underlying issues of self worth and growth.

Vampire Diaries

Whilst watching shows about vampires is mainstreaming -at the moment- this show entices the viewer with the attractive actors and the suspense filled story line. I had a friend come to me in tears today because she had spent the whole afternoon watching the most current season of Vampire Diaries, and had finished the finale not understanding why it had ended. She said "None of them are happy now" and it is true, it is quite a shocking ending, but it leaves the viewer with the hope of a new season, where things with inevitably right themselves.

Game Of  Thrones

Now I'm going to be totally honest, it took me a few re-runs to actually understand what was going on, as there is so much interchange between the "thrones" that I just lost what was going on. But once I caught up, and separated the different characters i figured out how they intertwined. The plot is very much fueled by power and sexual desire. I haven't seen an episode that lacks both gore and sexual scenes. I certainly wouldn't sit down and watch this with my little sister or my parents, but I think that once the plot is understood the series stands for a good watch.

Two Broke Girls

This series is more a comedy about anything, the plot is about two girls from very different backgrounds learning to live together and eventually becoming close. The plot doesn't really extend beyond the sarcastic jokes made by the tougher "poorer" girl, whilst the upper class complaints and jokes are made by the blonde fallen heiress. Not only do these two contrast in backgrounds, but also in looks and approaches to their lives. It's funny but not deep and meaningful, sometimes it's feel good, and sometimes you just want some one to laugh at. 

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