May 17, 2012

People Confuse Me And I Confuse People

People these days take things too literal. As part of my personality I love cuddles, and touching and smiling and laughing... even if there is nothing funny. Sometimes I really Confuse people. Sometimes I come across mean, and other times I come across flirty. I kind of just wanted to clear that up. When I am flirting, unless you are an inanimate object, you will know. Whether or not you choose to realize that is up to you. When I am being mean, I will be negative and critisize which is out of character for me.
I am really loving with my close friends, and will often be seen cuddling, asking for cuddles or sleeping in their beds.

So Let's just say, that theoreticaly I have this friend. Let's call him Goose. Goose and I have known eachother for about three years now, and I think he is a really great guy. But the thing that he doesnt understand about me is that no matter how much he flirts with me, and I flirt with him, nothing will ever happen unless he approaches me directly about it. I don't care how embarassing he deems it to be, if you care for something enough, your pride won't matter any more.

Things That turn Me Off


If you like someone, say it. But if you aren't sure, keep your mouth shut. There is no point, whether you are male or female, to dissappointing the other person. And the likely hood of the other person liking you back is high, especially if you have had actual contact with them (And no, email, skype, facebook etc does not count). If you think that something is wrong, say it. Don't just stand there and let stupid things happen, or let people get hurt. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your self image, but you can always get it back...

Bad Smelling People

I honestly can't tell you the amount of times I have thought to myself "he would be hot if he didnt smell like sweat, fart and off milk mixed in one"... It's honestly not about the looks, well not with me anyways. It makes it easier to be sexually attracted to someone if they smell good, or even just shower every day... with soap, and shampoo...

People Who Can't Appreciate The Respect I have For My Family

The amount of times guys have said that the relationship I have with my family is weird cannot be counted on two hands. It's also the biggest dickhead move someone can pull, and will ultimately make that person want to end the night quicker. If a girl respects her family, she obviously respects them for a reason, and loves them for those reasons. She's not asking you to love her family, she's just asking you to understand that she will never stop loving them.

People who Can't Compliment The People they like.

Let's just clarify, "She's a hot slut" and "I Would Tap That" Are not comments that are going to get you a girlfriend. Maybe it will get you a one night stand, or even just a hook up buddy, but one day that all going to get boring. I know it seems fun while you're young, and in my opinion, have fun while it lasts. But for Balls Sake, pick out the best things in the people around you and tell them occasionally. Last year when I was having a really rough time with my self esteem, little things like "I really admire your strength" or "You always smell good" brightened my day. And in the end, happier people means a happier life (I sound so stupid right now). 

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