July 21, 2012

Life Experience

With turning 18 and coming back to school I realized that, for me, nothing has really changed.
Because I constantly live at school I can't drink, or smoke so buying that stuff would be pointless. Not that I smoke, or drink excessively. However my parents still control what I do with my weekends, despite not living at home for over two years.
I had to stop myself from using the "I'm 18 now" excuse with them, because I knew that it would get me no where.

I don't think that being 18 makes me more important than everyone else, I think it actually means the opposite. Compared to all the other "adults", I'm lacking in life experience and wisdom. I'm still on the cusp of maturity- to the point where I still find fart jokes funny. But there is nothing wrong with that. So what if I still act young? I'm not allowed to act like a 16 year old, and not allowed to act like a 20 year old. What's the difference?

I strongly believe that to get life experience and gain wisdom you have to make your own mistakes, and most importantly learn from them. I'm learning heaps at school about intellectual things, but knowing the details of World War Two or Matrices isn't going to save me when I'm out at night with a few friends, it's home time and I have no idea how to get home because I'm so used to my parents picking me up. Where are my lessons in life? They don't exist, they left the school system when their obligation of sexual health was over.

Stupidity Level: 1000000
How am I going to learn which guys are the bad guys if I'm only meeting the guys that go to school with me? How Am I going to learn how to keep myself and the people around me out of the Emergency room?

I don't want to be stupidly uninformed.

Not that I think websites have any comparison to real life experience, but it is good to be at least in the know: