May 10, 2012

Post Secrets

For my friends 17th birthday she got a book called "Post Secret" and at first it pulled me in because it looked really quirky regarding the art work. Basically people send in secrets that they are ashamed of, or scared to tell other people and in some sort of way it frees them. As I read through the pages I realized how deep it was. On some pages I wanted to laugh, on other pages I wanted to cry but what I felt overall was that it assured me that I am not totally abnormal.
This is the web page :

I have decided to make a list of 5 secrets that I have probably been keeping in for too long.

1.  Old people (as in people above 60) scare me- to the point where if I see one during the day I will have a nightmare about them

2. Every morning I say to myself "You can do it"

3. I won't be friends with someone who smells bad

4. When I want a day off school I will have a "Head ache" but when I'm actually sick I will go red, and be short tempered.  Last year I had 69 "Sick" days

5. I can't sleep when my Mom's step dad is in the same house because I'm scared to death of him.
And I know that even if something does happen, my Grandmother doesn't love me enough to keep loving me.

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