June 18, 2012

Home Time

Holidays are just around the corner in Australia, and not only am I going to be 18 for these holidays but I am going to be spending it in Thailand. Of course I'll be doing some study because it's the longest holiday that I will have, and the exams are soon. I'll also be sleeping for maybe two days solid. 
Here are some things that I am looking forward to about home:

Real Food

My mum makes the best food in the whole world. My family is from Malta, which is near Italy so we love things that are packed full of carbs (pasta, potato, bread). And then she is a champ at making Thai food, and all that other stuff. Then there are the buffets. I can't believe that the one school that I picked has the worst food available. I am over having half frozen, moldy food for meals.

My Own Bed

There is something so good about sleeping in your own bed. There is something about these beds in my boarding house that won't let me sleep. Maybe it's that I sleep where I work... or maybe it's that everything is so loud because I live with 60 girls. Just saying...


I can't relax at school because whenever I try, I get so worried that i should be studying, and thus I am not truly relaxing. When I go home, I can have a few hours of set study time, but then I can also just relax by the pool or in front of the TV, or even at the gym.

Going Out

Whether it be shopping or going out or night I will be doing it. There's the shops during the day and then the pubs/clubs at night.  Or going to the movies. I just want to be doing something other than what I am doing at the moment... which is nothing.